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About Time For A New Clutch?

Gearbox & Diff Shops Clutch Department

Prevent Gearbox Repairs

Without a clutch, driving your manual car would be quiet problematic. As your clutch wears it gradually becomes more difficult to change gear (you may hear your gearbox grinding) and you will notice it slipping (exactly as it sounds) as it struggles to engage. The worse it gets the more it begins to impact on the interconnected components of the driveline and eventually your wallet.

After 30 years in the Brisbane auto repair business there is nothing clutch or gearbox repairs related we haven't seen before. We have worked on manual transmissions for industrial vehicles, fleets, family cars and light commercials and have become industry leaders with the most up to date and modern practices.

New Clutches & Reconditioned Gearboxes

In most circumstances our large onsite parts catalogue means we can have you in and out in the same day with new or reconditioned gearboxes and clutches. If you are after something a little less common our extensive industry connections and relationships means we can track it down and fast.

As with most car related scenarios prevention is better than cure (and less expensive). Periodic inspections looking for noises, oil leaks and worn bushes will keep your car on the road and the bank balance happy. If it has a clutch we can fix it:

  • Clutch repairs & overhauls
  • Light Commercials
  • Gearbox Repairs
  • All makes and models catered for
  • Sports & performance upgrades
  • Reconditioned Gearboxes

Our practices are so assured and we are confident in what we achieve every time that all of our clutch work comes with a 12 month, manufacturers warranty and our pricing is second to none.

Don't trust your car to anyone but the best. See the Brisbane team from The Gearbox and Diff Shop for the safety and security of having the job done right the first time.

Book your vehicle in today or just call for some information, we're more than happy to help. Call us today on the numbers below for either of our two convenient Brisbane locations.

Two Convenient Brisbane Locations

  • Woolloongabba
    27 Hampton Street, East Brisbane
    Call: 3391 8377 Fax: 3891 6313
  • Slacks Creek
    10 Herbert Street
    Call: 3808 4055 Fax: 3808 4155

We can be contacted during business hours or after hours by prior arrangement.

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