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Trust Your Differential To The Best


The Gearbox and Diff Shop are Queensland's leader in all differential service, repair and reconditioning. We don't just say this, this has come from years of dedication to quality differential service.

Your differential lives a pretty tough life. It is responsible for turning the rotation of the driveshaft 90 degrees to drive your tyres. When cornering it turns the outside driven wheel of your vehicle faster than the inside one to improve cornering and performance whilst maintaining your tyres optimum usable life.

There are a lot of aspsects of your vehicles diff that need attention. Some of the more frequents issues involve:

  • Diff ratio upgrades & reconditioning
  • Bearing & seal repairs
  • Performance upgrades for off roaders
  • Sports performance spools

Transfer cases

Four wheel drives have a separate differential (often lockable to make them only rotate at the same speed) for each pair of wheels, connected through a transfer case. Transfer cases are another speciality of ours. We do a lot of specialty work on:

  • Overhauls
  • Repairs
  • Re-seals

With experience the repair of a diff, although labour intensive is not difficult. What is difficult is knowing how to get it right every time and understanding the differences in diffs and how to repair them best. It is also essential to have the right tools and the right machinery as a diff is a very heavy and cumbersome part of your vehicle best left to the professionals.

Knowledge and experience are useless, if not applied correctly. Let the team from The Gearbox and Diff Shop give you the right advice, offer you the best in service and get the job done right the first time.

Call us today on the numbers below to find out more or book your differential service.

Two Convenient Brisbane Locations

  • Woolloongabba
    27 Hampton Street, East Brisbane
    Call: 3391 8377 Fax: 3891 6313
  • Slacks Creek
    10 Herbert Street
    Call: 3808 4055 Fax: 3808 4155

We can be contacted during business hours or after hours by prior arrangement.

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