Are Automatic Transmissions Better For Your 4×4?

Taking your car off road can be both enjoyable and stressful. The added strain on the components of your car can always weigh on your mind and detract from the breathtaking scenery you encounter along the way. One of the components of your vehicle that will invariable be subjected to the most strain is your transmission and this raises a contentious question: are automatic transmissions better for your 4×4 than a manual transmission? Whilst the answer to this question is primarily a matter of preference, this guide serves to outline several advantages of an automatic transmission in a 4×4 vehicle.

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Must-have safety items every car needs

Car safety does not just mean keeping your car serviced and free of mechanical faults. Any person who drives a car can get into an accident, or come across another car that has been in an accident. Having the right safety gear in your car at all times can help you respond quickly and be prepared if an unfortunate event occurs.

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3 Most Neglected Car Maintenance Areas

Proper car maintenance is one of the most important responsibilities for car owners. Maintaining the upkeep of your vehicle’s parts ensures the safety of yourself and your passengers; failure to do so can lead to expensive repairs or damage so extensive that it can’t be repaired.

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5 signs of clutch damage

After periods of wear and tear a clutch will suffer damage and it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. This will happen in all cars, but if you can spot problem signs with the clutch early, you can save yourself a lot of money. There is also the added bonus of not breaking down unexpectedly, so take notice of your clutch’s health and act smart before this happens. Continue reading

Buying a 2nd Hand Car? Be On Look Out For…

Our lives are marked by big ticket milestones. Whitegoods, electronics, holidays and cars all require saving, consideration and research. But what if you’re buying your new vehicle second hand? The pre-loved car is a quirky beast; it’s already seen a few kilometres and accumulated some memories with its old owner. The guys are the Gearbox and Diff Shop have compiled a checklist of things to look out for when buying a second hand car – don’t inherit somebody else’s on-road woes.

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