5 signs of clutch damage

After periods of wear and tear a clutch will suffer damage and it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. This will happen in all cars, but if you can spot problem signs with the clutch early, you can save yourself a lot of money. There is also the added bonus of not breaking down unexpectedly, so take notice of your clutch’s health and act smart before this happens. Continue reading

Bad Driving Habits that Wear out Your Clutch

Your clutch is a small part of your car, but it can cause big problems. A faulty clutch can lead to other problems throughout your car and result in expensive bills beyond clutch repairs.

As one of the most overworked components in your car, even correct use of the clutch pedal results in inevitable damage. Incorrect or excessive use causes unnecessary wear and tear, which can result in the need for premature clutch repairs. The good news for Brisbane drivers is that you can prolong the life of your clutch by making a few changes to your driving habits. Continue reading

Problem with your gearbox or clutch?

Here at the Gearbox and Diff shop, we have built up a very strong reputation amongst both our customers and our peers alike. We have developed this reputation by consistently providing the best possible service no matter how big or how small the job may be. In today’s blog post we will put the spotlight on the some of the services that we offer to all of our customers, especially when it comes to gearboxes and clutches. Carry one reading!