How much does a reconditioned Gearbox cost?

Need a new gearbox? Or maybe not necessarily one that is completely new, but one that has been reconditioned?

Well you are in the right place. We specialise in reconditioned gearboxes and can fit reconditioned with our access to spare parts we have onsite here at our two Brisbane workshops. If we don’t have a gearbox to fit in your car, with our industry connections there’s a good chance we can track it down with our networks in the auto repair industry.  Continue reading

Common signs you need your power steering serviced

Car steering systems are responsible for more than helping your car point in the desired direction. There are actually a number of components working together between the steering wheel in your hands and the tyres on the road that play a role in how your steering system operates. People often don’t inspect their systems like they would their tyres or other more visible components in their vehicles, however when they ‘feel’ something wrong – usually through the steering wheel – this is often a sign that there is a problem with power steering components in the vehicle. In today’s post our mechanics share some common car steering problems and the signs that can help you identify these in your own car. Continue reading

Safe steering and gearbox repair in Brisbane

steering wheel

Steering can do some funny things when it is not working the way it should. Worn components, oil issues, and leaky parts can create steering trouble. It really pays to get any funny sounds and odd steering events sorted out by a professional early on, the longer you leave it, the more expensive things are likely to be. Not to mention the safety issues involved with bodgy steering! At the Gearbox & Diff Shop in Brisbane we take care of your steering as well as gearbox repairs. Continue reading