How to prevent your car from overheating

It’s a sight that no automobile owner wants to see: steam billowing from the bonnet. Longer trips in hot conditions can cause engines to work harder and cause overheating so it’s important to recognise that overheating of your car engine & automatic transmission is not something that’s unpredictable. It can be prevented by taking a few precautions, which we explain in this blog post.

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Will manual transmissions become extinct?

With manual transmissions accounting for just 3.8 per cent of all new vehicles being sold in the United States in 2010, the argument that manual cars could be on the way out is a pervasive one with many for seeing the transmission completely phased out in as little as 10 years time.

With a fervent league of supporters arguing there will always be a place for manual cars, it really remains to be seen whether the manual car will go the same way as the audio cassette and a roll of Kodak film. Continue reading

Common Warning Signs Your Clutch is Wearing and Needs Replacing

Many motorists driving a manual transmission do so without being fully aware of how a clutch operates and the essential role it plays in operating a motor vehicle. If your car receives regular mechanical inspections any clutch wear and tear should be picked up by your mechanic. However understanding the fact that a clutch engages two different shafts – one that drives the wheels of the car, and the other the engine, can help the driver to identify any warning signs that the clutch needs urgent attention. Below are some of the most common problems that indicate a clutch needs replacing or repair. As with most warning signs the quicker you treat the problem the simpler and often less expensive the solution will be. Continue reading