Auto vs Manual Car—What Should You Buy

There are so many decisions you need to factor in when you go car shopping. Cost, model, size, colour, safety and optional extras all need to be considered. With such a massive variety in cars on the market today, you can really find yourself going around in circles trying to find the right car to fit your budget!

The best way to avoid that (at least a little bit!) is to compare the options for auto vs manual cars before you hit the car yards. This way, you will have a better understanding of what you want. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself surrounded by a whole heap of cars, a pushy salesperson and no idea where to start.

Knowing what transmission type you are after will immediately cancel certain cars out and help you find the right car, quicker.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether an automatic or manual transmission type is for you:

1. Where will I be driving the car?

If you are a city driver or navigate steep hills on a daily basis, then a manual might have you feeling frustrated at the constant need to change gears and the jilting of the car every time you do so. If you’re mostly driving highway and around suburbs, than a manual is a perfectly viable option.

2. How much do I want to spend?

Manuals are cheaper. It’s as simple as that. On average, a manual transmission can cost up to $1000 less than its automatic counterpart. It can be cheaper in the long run too. Manuals are usually more fuel-economical than automatics. Manuals also are less complex and have less mechanical issues than an automatic. However, the automatic car is easier to drive and can be more manageable in traffic.

3. Who is going to be driving the car?

If you’re a lover of being in control when you drive, then a manual is for you. Don’t forget to consider who else might be driving it, though. If they aren’t skilled at driving a manual, they may end up (embarrassingly) stalling while driving or causing an accident. Consider who will be driving your car and how often before you make the choice.

4. Is my car at risk of being stolen?

If you need to park your car where crime rates are high, you should consider a manual. Surprising to some, a manual transmission can be a deterrent to thieves as there is an increasing number of people who aren’t learning to drive on manual cars or obtaining a manual licence.

It’s a big decision, and there are advantages to both an automatic and manual car. In the end, it depends on your individual situation and how comfortable you are driving a manual as opposed to an automatic.

Auto vs manual—the choice is yours! Whether your next car is an automatic or manual, Gearbox and Diff Shop is Brisbane’s leading transmission specialist . We are here to service and maintain your transmissions to keep them top notch! Call us or come see us today.

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