Second Hand Car Parts – Are They Worth It?

Thinking about replacing some of the damaged parts in your car? Chances are you have looked into potentially buying second hand car parts to replace them. However, there are some important things you must consider before making use of the second hand market. It can be a great money saver, but it does come with a few risks.

Second hand parts are not always a bargain

The second hand market is competitive, so it pays to shop around when you’re looking for particular parts. If the parts you need are rare, they may well be as expensive as replacing with something new. What’s more, although second hand parts may be cheaper to buy, they can still be expensive to fit. And if the part happens to be faulty in any way, you risk damaging your car – with no warranties to fall back on.

Parts you should always buy new

No matter what, there are some parts of a car that you should never buy second hand. Essentially, any part, which is critical to the operation of the car, is best bought new for safety reasons.

These parts include:

• Electrical components – Many electrical parts are simply not made to be transferred from car to car. These are crucial to the running of the modern vehicle, so don’t take a risk of dodgy inferior options.

• Cooling system components – This includes air conditioning components. If these parts get critically damaged, you potentially will have to get the whole system replaced.

• Steering and suspension components – If you buy these parts second hand, you’re taking a serious risk. If any of these parts fail, you could have a deadly accident.

Second hand parts are risky

Like any second hand purchases, buying car parts is a risk to both you and your wallet. Quite simply – they don’t come with any guarantees, or warranty. This means that if your part breaks after a week, you won’t get your money back for it. Is this a risk you’re willing to take with your money and your car?

The verdict

Although second hand car parts are cheap, there are serious ramifications for you if you buy dodgy parts. From loss of money to potential damage to your car or even your life, second hand parts often aren’t worth the risk. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to waste money (or your car), check out the brand new car parts available at Gearbox and Diff . From transmissions to differentials to clutches , we have all the latest parts needed to fix your car at competitive prices, without the risk.
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