Signs that your car needs a service

All cars need to be serviced, and yes you should talk to your manufacturer and read your handbook, to ensure that you are getting it done at the right times – but did you know that there are other signs that your car might be due for a service?

Get to know your car and its individual idiosyncrasies and you will take better care of it. Your car will last longer, it will have a higher resale value, and there will be less chance of it breaking down at a bad time or at a poor location, and leaving you frustrated and stranded.

If you do notice something concerning with your car, do not wait for your next service as it is outlined in your logbook. Take it in to a trusted professional who can check it out, and ensure that no major damage has occurred.

Is your engine light flashing?

Your engine light might come on for a full range of different reasons. Unfortunately there is only one light for many problems, and the reason it has come on might only be for something trivial. You should still be cautious though, because it could still be a warning for something very serious. Check out your car for obvious problems and take notice of any unusual and unexpected noises. Your flashing engine light might be a great sign that your car needs a service at the soonest time you can book one in.

Is there smoke?

Smoke is a bad sign, so if you see it you will know there is a serious problem with your car. If you are driving, pull over and check it out. Take notice of the temperature gauge on your car, and if the engine is hot, wait for it to cool down before driving it again. If you drive your car while it is overheating you could cause your car serious damage.

Are there any leaks?

Leaks could be a range of things, including fuel, oil and or coolant. You may notice excessive spots or puddles underneath your car while it is parked, and these should be checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Book your car in for a service, even if you do not officially have to straight away.

Are there strange noises?

Get to know your car. This will be very helpful in determining if there are problems with it. The owner of a car may quickly know if something serious is wrong, because there is a strange rattle or buzzing noise. This could be a sign that something is loose that shouldn’t be, that a component of your car is getting old, or that it is simply ready for a new service while in the caring hands of a car professional.

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