Is Your Power Steering About to Fail?

steering wheel

Your car is your life. Every day greets you with a rising sun and a looming 9 to 5 (sometimes longer) – after proceeding through a subconscious checklist, you make it to your car. It’s always there, always ready to take you where you need to go and when things go awry, it can be a hit to your independence on top of your wallet.

You’ve had your suspicions about your power steering lately, it hasn’t been as responsive and you’ve had to try harder, almost if you were back in a 1980s Falcon trying to round a tight corner. Are you being paranoid? After you book an appointment with the Gearbox and Diff Shop, do some quick home diagnosis. Continue reading

Signs that your car needs a service

All cars need to be serviced, and yes you should talk to your manufacturer and read your handbook, to ensure that you are getting it done at the right times – but did you know that there are other signs that your car might be due for a service?

Get to know your car and its individual idiosyncrasies and you will take better care of it. Your car will last longer, it will have a higher resale value, and there will be less chance of it breaking down at a bad time or at a poor location, and leaving you frustrated and stranded. Continue reading

How to prevent your car from overheating

It’s a sight that no automobile owner wants to see: steam billowing from the bonnet. Longer trips in hot conditions can cause engines to work harder and cause overheating so it’s important to recognise that overheating of your car engine & automatic transmission is not something that’s unpredictable. It can be prevented by taking a few precautions, which we explain in this blog post.

Continue reading

5 Signs of Transmission Trouble

Transmission problems can cause major damage throughout your car if left unchecked, ultimately leaving it completely undrivable. Drivers can avoid expensive bills in the future by getting transmission repairs at the first sign of trouble. Preventative repairs help your transmission to perform and last longer, and will also prevent the spread to other problems in your car, such as in the engine or brakes.

A transmission in poor working order can be dangerous as well, as it can affect your gear box performance, having serious consequences for the safety of your driving.

It is important that drivers recognise the signs of transmission trouble. Some of the major signs are: Continue reading

How to get your car ready for a road trip – A Checklist

Before hitting the road for a lengthy jaunt up or down the coast, getting your car ready the upcoming road trip is something that every safety conscious motorist should think about. It doesn’t have to necessarily be an expensive exercise either.

Gearbox and Diff Shop are your automotive specialists in Brisbane and explain some basic checks to carry out so your car is road-trip ready and is able to hit the sprawling asphalt of the open road with confidence and reliability.   Continue reading

Bad Driving Habits that Wear out Your Clutch

Your clutch is a small part of your car, but it can cause big problems. A faulty clutch can lead to other problems throughout your car and result in expensive bills beyond clutch repairs.

As one of the most overworked components in your car, even correct use of the clutch pedal results in inevitable damage. Incorrect or excessive use causes unnecessary wear and tear, which can result in the need for premature clutch repairs. The good news for Brisbane drivers is that you can prolong the life of your clutch by making a few changes to your driving habits. Continue reading

How much does a reconditioned Gearbox cost?

Need a new gearbox? Or maybe not necessarily one that is completely new, but one that has been reconditioned?

Well you are in the right place. We specialise in reconditioned gearboxes and can fit reconditioned with our access to spare parts we have onsite here at our two Brisbane workshops. If we don’t have a gearbox to fit in your car, with our industry connections there’s a good chance we can track it down with our networks in the auto repair industry.  Continue reading

Tips that will improve your car’s fuel economy

It seems the cost of fuel of automobiles seems to be always on the rise and adding more pressure to household expenses. Thankfully, there are some fuel strategies to make your car go further between visits to the service station and help you save some cash.  Some of these tips provided might seem common sense, but you would be surprised how many of us neglect these simple tips. Continue reading

Does your Diff Need Attention?

Your car’s differential (or diff) plays a very important but often undervalued role. It’s only when something goes wrong that people start asking questions and noticing the role the diff plays in  Questions about diff repair are many so for this reason the team at Gearbox and Diff Shop answer some common questions about what a diff does, and how you can identify if these components need some attention. Continue reading