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Service & Repair For All Vehicle Types

Power Steering

Have you noticed a knock when turning, does the steering feel heavy, shudder, leak? Maybe something just doesn't feel right or safe? Many people just put up with the noises and shakes hoping that they will go away. In the mean time other components are being worn by your poorly performing power steering.

A vehicle's steering system is probably a bit more complicated than most people think. When you turn your wheel each of the front tyres takes a slightly different path. The inner most during cornering takes a slightly tighter radius than the outer, giving you the cornering you've come to expect from your vehicle without thinking about it, until something goes wrong.

Nearly all new vehicles come with power steering as standard. This is a God send as it makes controlling your vehicle considerably easier. It also provides greater vehicular control and manoeuvrability.

Diagnoses & Repair

Hard Steering and unwanted feedback through a steering wheel often indicates a lack of oil, lost through leaking seals or worn components. To resolve these issues a technician needs to remove and dismantle the unit to pinpoint the source of the fault. If left to continue, poorly performing power steering can lead to costly repairs.

It is therefore paramount to have a technician inspect and service your power steering at periodic intervals to avoid these major repairs.

Give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that your steering is as safe as it can be. Call the team today on the numbers below.

Two Convenient Brisbane Locations

  • Woolloongabba
    27 Hampton Street, East Brisbane
    Call: 3391 8377 Fax: 3891 6313
  • Slacks Creek
    10 Herbert Street
    Call: 3808 4055 Fax: 3808 4155

We can be contacted during business hours or after hours by prior arrangement.

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